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Syris Scientific continues to provide products to enhance the vision of medical professionals during dermatologic procedures. Proprietary high powered, color corrected illumination produce optimum light density combined with polarization and magnification for subsurface viewing approx. 1mm below the skin's surface. The technology allows for superior targeting of vascular structures such as telangiectasia and spider veins; hair follicles, pigmented lesions and other dermatological conditions.

Medical professionals, both in the US and internationally, have benefited from Syrisí v-Series Vision Enhancement Systems; v300H and v900L. Various testimonials from seasoned users verify that this technology not only allows the medical professional to see below the skinís surface, the v-Series Vision Enhancement Systems help to reduce glare, minimize stress and eye fatigue; touting other benefits of increased accuracy and reduced procedure time.

The v-Series devices can multi-task for various procedures that you may have in your practice: sclerotherapy, vascular laser, thermo-coagulation procedures; aids visualization of pigmented lesions, great tool with hair removal, grafting and transplantation; assists with aesthetic fillers avoiding vascular structures; useful for tattoo removal, and general exam treatments.

The Syris v900L and v300H Vision Enhancement System will be one of the most valuable devices during procedures and useful for many years.
"See Below the Skin's Surface" with these before and after shots. Then visit our Videos page to see more Before & After footage.

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